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Manitou Rigging 

20x40 Rigs

Rigging SA has Blue & Green screens, White bounces, Blackouts, and Diffusion cloths. Grey screens and more!

Cherry Picker Rigs

We have provided simple yet safe cherry-picker rigs. For over 10 years in the lighting department.  

Green/Blue screen walls 
White Bounces
Blackout dividers 

With a variety of fabrics available,

which we take pride in doing ourselves. Delivering a seamless look to visual effects and lighting. 

Expo Rigging

We provide trussing and motors, for "Bulkheads" in exhibitions to make

your stand, Stand out... 

Crane Rigging 

Our Crane Rigging provides lighting to your 20x40 and 40x40 lighting boxes. 

We have done it all. 

Ground Support 

Ground Support are one of Rigging SA's specialities, as they are perfect for small commercials or features. No need for top rigging. You get a 360° visual as we rig fabrics onto all sides of the structure. 

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